jueves, 12 de septiembre de 2019


La imagen fue tomada por Thomas Kretschmann, según Bill, pero eso es lo que menos importa... 

O quién organizó la fiesta de cumpleaños... menos importante aún.

Lo importante son sus rostros, sus sonrisas, su lenguaje corporal... 

Tom se deja hacer...  Bill aprovecha el cumpleaños de pretexto para poder abrazarlo y demostrar que ese hombre bello es suyo, el brazo de Tom denota que está un poco apenado y nervioso, reacciones que son normales, pues sabemos Bill es muy impulsivo para demostrar su amor por Tom,  que, si fuera por Bill, se arriesgaría a demostrarlo más, así que Bill se aferra a Tom: después de beber unos mojitos, ahora quiere el mojito principal... tanto, que le aplasta la mejilla y no le queda más a Tom que.... dejarse beber... 

Verlos así juntos, es lo que siempre deseamos. Verlos felices juntos. No importa si para ello, y para poder postear sin miedo una imagen así, tienen que justificarla con agradecimientos engañosos o circos de matrimonios falsos.

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  1. Por imágenes como esta es que el circo no puede engañarme.
    Esto es tan lindo que me hace llorar de felicidad. Definitivamente seguir creyendo vale la pena.

    ¡Excelente post chicas!

  2. I think Tom is already pissed by this circus. He didn't sleep in her house the week before they left to NYC, because she wouldn't have missed the opportunity to post him and Capper during the match when Bayern scored six times. She only posted the tv set instead. He was annoyed in NYC,in Munich and at LAX, even in the car he didn't join in to sing happy birthday to Henry. He wore the twin sweater when he left LA and mdla merch in NYC. I guess they even wear the same black caps at the moment and similar turquoise bracelets. I think Tom doesn't spend so much time with her like she wants us to think. He only genuinely smiles with Bill. He has to leave LA soon again (Amfar gala in Milan on 20) and I'm sure we'll get some exaggerated pics from her again while Tom is pissed.

  3. For us he doesn't sleep in that house or he does it from time to time, maybe he escapes at night lying he enters in her room then, he escapes 🤭, we are agree, Tom disgusts her, she is very vulgar🤮, he only cooperates until the end of the contract . I would add the bachelor party cap while he is with her. The day of the game was very obvious that he wasn't with her, she doesn't lose that opportunity to prove it, Tom always has a bad face, and only "smiles" if it's for IG or kiss for the paparazzi, a fake smile, Tom doesn't even take her hand, always let her walk alone and never help her with her bags as he does it with Bill 🤭 is obvious, Tom is tired of participating. And Bill, for me I see him very much in love he has been showing this a lot by giving us signs. Hope they only work with her only one more year... or less 🍀

  4. Tom has a new tattoo on his left middle finger. It's a couple tattoo and means "today, tomorrow and forever". I hate that it's for Heidi and not for Bill.

    1. I don't think that's the meaning, because then must be in the ring finger. It's more an elipsis tattoo, "The three-dot trend (…) represents the punctuation symbol known as an ellipsis. Grammatically, the ellipsis typically marks an omission, in a sentence or paragraph, when you’re quoting another source. But, it can be used stylistically in a different way; the ellipsis can indicate a person’s thought trailing off and symbolize something unfinished.
      Some people might get three dots tattooed as minimalist art, for no personal reason other than they like how it looks. Others get the ellipsis to represent their struggles with mental health issues.
      It’s a symbol that life goes on. The story isn’t over. An ellipsis is not the ending–it means that something else is coming.
      The significance of the punctuation mark is why it’s become a popular tattoo. People with mental health struggles have chosen to get it as a small reminder of everything they’ve gone through, so they know they know they can continue to overcome life’s obstacles."

      this is a tattoo on middle finger, as Tom have it.

      But even if Tom himself says the meaning is because of Heidi, WE know it's not.

      Why are you always so sure everything Tom do is because of his "love" for Heidi?

      He doesn't love Heidi. He loves Bill, and only Bill.